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Welcome To The Spawt

We believe in caring for every pet as if they were our own

The Spawt provides a wide range of high-quality boarding and daycare services for the pets of Freeport, TX, and the surrounding area.

Our Story

About The Spawt

Our team at The Spawt saw that there was a unique need for a modern, safe, and comfortable boarding facility in our community. We had a vision for a place where pets were loved, welcomed, and had fun – thus, the Spawt was born!

We sought to combine the latest technologies and conveniences for their comfort and your peace of mind. Click below to learn more about us! We can’t wait to meet you. 

Complete Pet Boarding & Daycare

The professional  boarding team at The Spawt is committed to providing your pet with the very best pet care available.

Spawt Boarding

Your pet will be welcomed to stay in one of our suite-style rooms, complete with all bedding, bowls, and cuddles.

Spawt Daycare

DayCare provides a break from the everyday routine for pets and encourages physical activity and mental engagement.

Spawt Spaw

Check out all of our on-site grooming services. Sure to pamper your best friend.

Our Team

Meet Our Boarding & Daycare Team

The Spawt team members are dedicated to your pet’s health and well-being. We deliver high-quality care that meets their ever-changing needs to keep them safe, engaged, and in good health.