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Pet Protection Plan

Here at The Spawt, we are proud to offer our in-house Pet Protection Plan.

Pet Protection Plan

We all love our furry companions dearly. Going out of town, whether planned or not, sometimes leaves us worrying about them while we are away. We know this feeling because we feel the same way about our own pets. While we can’t replace you, our team does their absolute best to ensure your pet’s time away from you is full of safe, happy, and entertaining days. Despite these aspirations, some pets can and do become sick unexpectedly during their boarding stay.

This may have been due to an incident that occurred unbeknownst to the owner and our team before they came to our facility (i.e., ate a sock at home or got into some form of rodenticide), or developed at our facility… (developed stress associated diarrhea due to their changes in environment/schedule, or tears apart their bed and blankets for fun). There are also pets whose underlying health issue, diagnosed or not, presents themselves to our team as cause for concern.

For all of these reasons, and to try and ensure the highest priority of health and safety to our furry guests while avoiding interruptions to you during your time away, we are proud to offer our Pet Protection Plan for all guests that stay with us.

How it Works

You pay a flat fee of $30.00 per pet/per stay that insures each of your pets for up to $1000 worth of medical services at our partner hospital Freeport Veterinary Medical Center, no questions asked. This can be applied to anything from minor medication management of diarrhea to life-saving foreign body surgery and hospitalization.

NOTE: Any serious or life-threatening conditions that are of concern to our doctors after evaluation of your pet will result in us immediately notifying you or your listed contact immediately while providing basic stabilization or medical services as appropriate.