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The Spawt Spaw

Get your best friend looking their best during their stay with us!

Personalized Grooming Services

At The Spawt, we understand that your pet is part of the family. That’s why we are proud to offer individualized, full-service grooming opportunities for our guests. Feline or canine, we can provide a simple bath and nail trim through to a customized grooming experience with our on-site certified groomer.

Our goal is for all pets to experience a pleasant and stress-free visit while ensuring they are looking and feeling their best.


Spaw Package: $50.00

Includes bath, nail trim, anal sac expression, teeth brushing, & ear cleaning

Spaw Bath: $20.00

Spaw Bath w/Medicated Shampoo Add On: $30.00

Nail Trim: $15.00

Nail Trim w/Dremmel: $30.00

Full Body Massage: $20.00

Brush Teeth: $10.00

Anal Sac Expression: $20.00