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Spawt Boarding

Traveling out of town? When you drop off your pet at our comfortable and secure boarding facility, you can rest assured they will be in good hands.

The Spawt Pet Boarding

Here at The Spawt, we have individual rooms with controlled air flow throughout for comfort. In each room, we provide bedding, bowls, and food if needed. Our regular suites fit 1-2 dogs comfortably and our deluxe suites fit 2-4 dogs comfortably both with plenty of room for your dog to walk around and find a good spawt to relax. We have individual fenced outdoor play areas for each pet to enjoy their outdoor time. Your pet is outside 4-5 times per day where they have room to run and play and wag their tails.

Our boarding area is thoroughly cleaned every day so that your pet can relax in a safe environment. We require current pet vaccinations for dogs and cats before checking in for the safety of all our pet guests. If your pet is not up to date on their vaccinations, We can coordinate with our on-site veterinary clinic to bring them current when they arrive.


Regular Suite (Dog Boarding): $45.00

$45 per dog per night (two dog maximum per room; combined weight under 50 lb)

Deluxe Suite (Dog Boarding): $55.00

$55 per dog per night (minimum $110 room charge; maximum four dogs with a combined weight under 150 lb)

Cat Suite: $30.00

$30 per night per cat (maximum two cats per suite)