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Spawt Daycare

Are you concerned about leaving your dog at home? Do you wish you had more time to play? Perhaps your energetic dog needs some extra time to stretch his legs and let out the wiggles! The Spawt offers pet daycare services.

The Spawt Pet Daycare

Our pet daycare allows companions to exercise, socialize, and raise the woof! Pet daycare is our solution for pet owners who are pressed to find time to devote to their furry family members. Whether it’s for work, school, or just a day off, we’ve got you and your pup covered.

Our pet daycare provides interactive playtime as well as positive socialization opportunities. It is ideal for all types of dogs and cats, from energetic puppies to playful adult dogs who need a little extra activity. Pets can either spend time independently with our team members or, if pre-approved by owners and our team, in supervised small groups.


Standard Daycare: $15.00

$15 per day Monday – Friday (excludes holidays)

Pawsome Package: $150.00

$150 for ten days

Ultimutt Package: $300.00

$300 for one month (20 days)