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Our Story

About The Spawt

The Spawt is a luxury pet daycare and boarding facility with full size rooms and high quality services located in Freeport, TX. Just a tail wag away from Freeport Veterinary Medical Center.

About Us

We are committed to offering the best boarding and daycare possible combined with warm, considerate services.

Our local veterinarians, Dr. Goerdel and Dr. Rosborough of Freeport Veterinary Medical Center and Wild Peach Veterinary Clinic, continue to provide high-quality pet care to our local area. They were able to hand-pick and design this facility coming from a pet care and service background to give you the best high-tech facility around.

All of our reservations are scheduled through our App. Clicking on our “Book Your Pet A Suite” buttons will direct you to create an account to book your very first stay, or if you would prefer you can contact us and our team can complete that for you.

From there, we can keep track of your requests, your pet’s belongings, dietary needs, and any other important details that help us to ensure your pet’s stay is the best it can be!

Additionally, you will also be able to see pictures of your furry friend while they are staying with us.